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  • Changzhou Koye Chemical Co.,Ltd.
  • Changzhou Koye Chemical Co.,Ltd.

捕鱼达人3d1500倍炮 a subsidiary of Jiaerke Group, is a specialized chemical company along with production, R&D, and import & export of performance chemical products and pharmaceutical intermediates. On the basis of the plentiful experiences of production and R&D in the chemical industry more than two decades from group company Jiaerke, Koye chemical is engaged in import & export of performance chemical products, pharmaceutical raw materials & intermediates and offers a broad range of high value products and services for companies at home and abroad.

捕鱼来了挂机用多少倍炮 Our group company is a professional enterprise on water treatment, possessing 20000T/a of capacity for Phosphonates & 3000T/a of capacity for polymers. The products are shown as follows:1.Water treatment chemicals, mainly includes:series of organic phosphoric acid, biocide and polymer;2. Fine chemicals,mainly includes flame retardant, pharmaceutical raw materials & intermediates...

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